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Darienne Page & London Rakestraw

In the Spring of 2008, Darienne was working at the Obama Campaign Headquarters when she stopped by one of her favorite departments, Ops-West. One of the photos on the wall of new interns was London C. Rakestraw. She was drawn to his smile and easy going demeanor. He was attracted to her immediately, nicknaming her “Super Fine.”

Floridian Social

Ana & Juan Camilo at Redland Koi Gardens

Before they first met, Juan Camilo spotted Ana from across the room and knew instantly that they were meant to be. They became friends, and weeks later, when he told her how he felt, she was resistant; having just ended a long-term relationship, she didn't feel ready for anything more. "Just let yourself go with the flow...", he said, and she gave it a small shot. That night spent chatting, laughing and getting to know each other was all it took for Ana to believe.



Roshan weds Peter

After dating for a year, Peter began searching for engagement rings. Peter organized a surprise party for Roshan’s 28th birthday on a rooftop bar, where he projected a video on an adjacent building. He dropped to one knee, Roshan said yes, and the planning began!

Trend Privé Magazine

Arraey: Cultivating Sustainability Brand

Thomas Pham, with no fashion school background, had a vision and brought it to life that gives hope to the future of fashion. His creation Arraey is a sustainable clothing brand based in Miami, Florida.


Jasmine Weds Hemang

Jasmine Rajkumar Nebhrajani, a pediatrician, and Hemang J. Thakor, a physician, dated for over two years years before getting engaged.
When Hemang first saw Jasmine at the medical school gym, it was love at first sight. He was then introduced to her by friends, and the rest was history!