Darienne and London {MARRIED}

A little of these two awesome people's wedding at Fisher Island, and how they met: In the Spring of 2008, Darienne was working at the Obama Campaign Headquarters when she stopped by one of her favorite departments (and the start of her career with the Obama campaign!) - Ops-West.  What made her stop?  A photo on the wall of new interns...featuring one London.  She was drawn to his smile and easy-going demeanor.  He was attracted to her immediately, nicknaming her "Super Fine."After months of working together and hanging out at group events, London and Darienne went out dancing and stayed up talking until the sun came up.  Realizing that they were meant to be, they began dating just in time for the most exciting event of their lives (until September 7th, of course!)  - the election of Barack Obama on November 4, 2008. An of course it was also great that it got published in Wedding Style, to see the feature, please click on thi LINK

Darienne and London // Wedding Film from LaFrance Films on Vimeo.